Honda CR-V Tyres – Car Exterior Care Tips

The CR-V is a compact cross over car from the stable of Japanese auto giant Honda. This car is somewhat in between the Honda civic and Honda Pilot. So we have a car that’s on a Honda Civic platform but comes in with the design of an SUV. CR-V has been said to mean many things, one of them is “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” this is according to Honda, some others have also said it means Compact Recreational Vehicle”. We are however sure that what we have is a mid SUV.

Honda CR-V Tire Size

Tyres are sized according to the design of the manufacturer. Therefore you car tyre size will be easy to find in the car instruction manual, it can also be found on the driver’s door. Various car models and variants even, come with different tyre sizes. For example the 2015 Honda CR-V Touring AWD comes with a 225/60R18 tyre, where as the LX AWD variant of the Honda CR-V 2015 comes with 215/70R16 tyres. So the tyre size you use depends on what the manufacturer says. However, you can upsize you tyres. Now there is a way to go about it without damaging your car’s road worthiness.  At dubai tyre shop, we give advice on tyres upsizing and other tyre matters that you might have.

Honda CR-V Tires

Waterless Wash

There are three major ways cars are cleaned. It’s either the bucket wash, commercial wash and then the waterless wash.

For those who are conscious about environmental safety, then waterless car wash is the best. It helps save water (great for regions where they experience water shortages) and it also saves energy and of course chemicals.

So here’s how it works,          

This car wash comes in a kind of premixed spray. You spray it on your car and then clean it up. There is a large variety in the market. Now these car washes come either in ready to use formula or as concentrates which you mix with a certain amount of fluid.

Now here is how this works, these car wash sprays contains certain chemicals that help to break down dirt on your car. It works just for the exterior of the car. It doesn’t work for really dirty cars; therefore it doesn’t eliminate the need for bucket or commercial car wash. But it will reduce how much you have to do a bucket wash. This method allows you to clean your car anywhere and it also leaves a coat of polish on the car.


Care for your car is important, just as care for you tyres is. At our tyre shop we’ll provide all the care that your Honda CRV tyres Shajah needs.  Tyre alignment, tyre checks, wheel balancing and all the 10 yards are all carried out at dubai tyre shop. Now if you buy from us, it enables you to receive all the above services free of charge for the lifetime of that tyre(s). We sell some of the best brands of tyres and you can buy Honda CRV tyres online without stress. All you need do is visit our website and make your orders.