5 Benefits Of Wheel Alignment

Wheels are crucial components of your vehicle as they connect it with the road and keep it functional. Over the years, tyres worn out due to certain external factors such as heavy rains, road conditions, extreme climate, etc. When it comes to replacing them, you have to focus on two main things:

  1. The Brand of Tyres
  2. Wheel Alignment

Branded Tyres

By opting for branded tyres, you don’t have to worry about quality, durability, and performance. You will get premium quality tyres that will serve you for a long time. The most popular tyre brands are:

Kumho: This South Korean brand provides innovative and cost-effective tyres. 

Dunlop: These tyres have been in use for more than 130 years and are known for their longevity.

BFGoodrich: It’s popular for its extensive range of tyres, especially for off-road driving.

Cooper: This tyre manufacturing company is well known for its 4×4 all-terrain tyres.

Zeetex: Established in 2005, this brand is growing rapidly mainly because of its premium quality tyres and reasonable prices.

Nexen: It’s one of the leading tyre brands manufacturing high-performance, weather-resistant, and durable tyres.

Roadstone: Manufactured by Nexen, these are budget-friendly yet high-performance tyres.

You can choose from any of the aforementioned brands and get the best quality tyres

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of vehicle maintenance. Though you can opt for proper alignment whenever needed, it’s ideal for focusing on it when replacing tyres. Now the main point is why wheel alignment is so important. To figure this out, you need to go through the benefits associated with properly aligned wheels. These benefits are listed below

Fuel Efficiency

When the wheels of your vehicle aren’t properly aligned, it will have to put extra force to keep itself mobile on the road. As a result, more fuel will be consumed. You will be surprised to hear that only proper alignment can increase fuel efficiency by 10%.  It simply means that you can save one-tenth of your fuel bill just by focusing on timely alignment.

Smooth Rides

When wheels are not properly aligned, your vehicle will not be balanced. It ultimately leads to various problems on the roads. You may experience your car pulling to one side and vibrating. Your whole ride will not be smooth or comfortable at all.

Proper wheel alignment offers a smooth driving experience. Your car will be perfectly balanced on the road and run smoothly. As a result, you and your partners will enjoy the ride.

Extended Tyre Life

One of the most important benefits of wheel alignment is that it extends the life of tyres. When your vehicle is out of alignment, the wheels will drag and fight with each other. As a result of this dragging, tyres will start getting damaged. The worst part is that the wear will be uneven, leading to extensive damage to the tread pattern and depth.

As a result of this uneven wear, you need to replace tyres more frequently. Therefore, you should consider alignment maintenance when replacing tyres. When wheels are properly aligned, the tyres will last longer than before, reducing the cost of owning the car.

Mitigates the Risk of Expensive Repairs

When wheels aren’t properly aligned, it leads to various other issues as well. The suspension, steering, and braking system will be disturbed. Apart from that, the engine has to do the extra work to run the vehicle which may result in damage to the engine as well. Fixing all these issues is quite expensive.

You can mitigate the risk of costly repairs by paying attention to timely alignment maintenance. As a result, you can save a considerable amount.

Safety on the Road

If the wheel alignment is compromised in any manner, it increases the chances of accidents on the roads. Steering and handling the vehicle will become difficult and the responsiveness of wheels and tyres will be reduced. As a result, the chances of mishaps on the road will be higher.

Proper alignment can mitigate the risk of accidents. You will have complete control of your vehicle and enjoy smooth rides.


Wheel alignment doesn’t enhance the performance of your vehicle, but helps you save a considerable amount in the long run. Therefore, you should pay special attention to alignment maintenance to keep your vehicle functional.