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    Dynapro HP2 RA33245/70 R16

    South Korea 2019
    Price Per Tyre (Fitting & Balancing): AED 568.05 AED 405.80 (Incl.VAT)
    Set of 4: AED 1623.2
    One Year Warranty
    https://www.dubaityreshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/hankook_optimok415_25-1.png buy_3_get_1
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    Optimo K415225/55 R17

    South Korea 2019
    Price Per Tyre (Fitting & Balancing): AED 481.95 AED 325.35 (Incl.VAT)
    Set of 4: AED 1301.4
    One Year Warranty

      Get Your Hands on The Best Tyre offers in UAE

      Are you looking for the best car tyre deals in Dubai? We, at Dubai Tyre Shop, offer great tyre deals in Dubai. Buying tyres are easy, but buying the right tyres can be complex. If you buy the wrong tyre, it can limit the performance of your car.

      Moreover, car tyres need to be replaced every 4 years, this makes it difficult to choose the right tyre. So, here are the factors that you must consider when buying tyres.

      Things to Consider When Buying Tyres

      There are various things that you must pay attention when buying tyres. Following are the things that you should consider:


      The first thing you must consider is the size of the tyre. The size of the tyre is mentioned on the sidewalls in a sequence like P265/70R16. The size of the tyre matters because it affects the functionality of your car. In case you are don’t know the tyre size, the dealer can help you.

      Types of the Tyre

      There are different types of tyres that are available on the market. They are:

      • All season tyres
      • Winter tyres
      • Summer tyres
      • All terrain truck tyres

      It is better to buy all season tyres as it will be suitable for every condition.


      The next thing you must consider is the features. You must make sure the features meet your requirements. You must pay attention to the grip, friction and comfort level it offers.


      Tyres are expensive and it is not feasible for everyone to buy new tyres. There are some dealers that offer no or very less discount. We understand this problem of people, this is why we offer special discounts. We want to make sure every driver can get the perfect tyres for their car. You can visit our website to take a look at our tyre deals in Dubai.

      The Best Tyres Deal

      One of the best tyre offers in UAE is on mostly all brands of tyres. You need the correct tyres for safety and a peaceful ride. As the prices of all brands of tyres are little high, we make sure every driver can afford best tyres. This is the reason behind our special discount on all brands tyres.

      These tyres offer better holding and grip on wet roads because of their tread pattern design. They are designed with grip enhancing rubber tyres. With the help of EvenPeak technology, the tyre can absorb road imperfections for a smoother ride.

      Therefore, buying the correct tyre is imperative. We offering best tyres which have all the quality of a good tyre. Contact us.


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