Chevrolet Traverse Tyres

At a certain point the Traverse was one of Chevrolet’s most popular cars, until it stopped being so popular. The Traverse is back though and better. This car is a mini SUV in the class of Trailblazer and Equinox.  AS an SUV is has been made for both on road and off road driving, and for it to perform optimally it needs the right tyres.

Type Of Tyres

Tyres basically can be divided into two categories, standard tyres and Premium tyres.  For the premium tyres we have a further subdivision into Sporty and Touring category. Other categories of tyres in this category include Run Flat tyres and high speed tyres.

Finally we have tyre classifications which have been made just for SUV. Here the tyres are classified based on how much on or off road usage the car is supposed to experience.  So in this category we have All Terrain tyres, Highway Terrain tyres, Highway Luxury/Highway Performance. Now let’s get deeper into this so that you can tell what Chevrolet Traverse tyres you’d like.


Standard Tyre

These are usually the tyres that are fitted from the manufactures. They are called general tyres. They are not specialized for anything, as long as you car needs are not demanding, these tyres should work. These tyres are also cheaper when compared to the specialized tyres.

Touring Tyres

These are made with your comfort in mind, they produce less noise, due to their tread design and of course the compounding.

Sporty Tyres

These are perfect for sport cars or coupes. These tyres are made to enable you move faster, so their grip, handling, turning around corners is excellent even at high speeds. Of course you don’t have to be driving a sports car to use these tyres. Due there tread patterns though, these tyres can be very noisy and they are also not so comfortable. However, with what they lack for in comfort and noise, they more than make up for with handling even in wet condition and cornering abilities.

Eco Friendly Tyres

When we think eco friendly, we think of something that reduces fossil fuel emissions. But how does that concern tyres, since tyres don’t emit gases? Well eco-friendly tyres offer fuel efficiency due to the fact that they have lower rolling resistance.

Where To Get Chevrolet Traverse Tires

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