Chevrolet Malibu Tyres Selection Tips

The name Malibu reminds one of a certain area in California United States. Well, the Chevrolet Malibu was named after this place. When this car was first made in 1964, it was created as a top of the line variant for another Chevrolet model, it was not until 1978 Chevrolet Malibu became a model of its own. However, from its first generation to its seventh it was only made for the North American market. Not until 2012 when it became available for the worldwide market.


Choosing Chevrolet Malibu tires are very important for the well being of your car and the comfort that you experience as you drive. There are factor to consider while checking for your Chevrolet Malibu tyres UAE.

Tips For Tyre Selection

Tyre Size

Know the exact tyre sizes which have been recommended by your car manufacturers. The Chevrolet Malibu Sedan VII recommended tyres size are 225/50 R17. Finding your tyre information such as sizes and pressure capacity is very easy. It usually comes with the driver’s manual, and can also be found on the driver door and sometimes somewhere on the dashboard.

Weather You’ll be Driving in

There are various tyres for the different weather conditions. There are summer tyres, winter and all season tyres. Lots of people seem to prefer the all season tyres though, since they are most versatile. It is a combination of both worlds.

Summer tyres

These are best used during summer just like the name implies or in tropics and other hot parts of the world. When buying Chevrolet Malibu tyres UAE, summer tyres are the best. The weather is hot for the most part of the year. Summer tyres have been built with compounds to enable it withstand the hot temperature, both atmospheric and also the heat emanating from the ground as one drives.

Winter Tyres              

Winter tyres are made for the colder times of the year. These tyres are softer and they have bigger grooves so as to displace snow and while one drives so as to prevent hydroplaning. Hydroplaning happens to be one of the most popular causes of accidents during winter. This tyre is also softer than the winter tyres, this helps it grip the ground better in wet conditions.

All Season Tyres

These are perfect for those in temperate climates. They can also work in summer and winter conditions. If you can get only one set of tyres, then you should get all season Chevrolet Malibu tires.

Where To Get These Tyres

You can buy Chevrolet Malibu tyres online at Here we have a myriad of tyres brands available for your car.  Some of the recommended tyre brands for Chevrolet Malibu tyres Dubai include Continental, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Nexen, and Dunlop. All these brand make quality tyres for both winter and summer driving.


Here are some tips to enable you get the best tyres for your cars. You can buy tyres online or at any brick and mortar store near you.