Tips for Taking Care of Your Chevrolet Cruze Tyres

Chevrolet Cruze are small compact cars made by the Chevrolet division of General motors. Chevy cruze is known by other names such as Daewoo Lacetti Premiere, Holden Cruze and even Chevy Cruze. It comes in two variants, the Sedan and the hatch back, production for this car started in 2008 and between then and now, many variants and styles have been produced for different markets.

 Get Good Chevrolet Cruze Tires

This is perhaps the first step to taking care of your tyres, you must purchase high quality tyres. Brands such as Pirelli, Goodyear, Nexen, Yokohama, Bridgestone and Continental are high quality tyres, just to mention a few. Now you can buy Chevrolet Cruze tyres online at or you can get it at your local tyre place.

Buy the Right Tyre for Your Car

Chevrolet Cruze comes in three major variants; Station wagon, Sedan and Hatchback. Now be careful here, cars of the same make and model may sometime have different tyre sizes due to their variants. However for Chevy Cruze, all the variants use the same tyre size which is 205/60 R16. This is the recommended size for Chevrolet Cruze tyres UAE. There are also alternate recommendations just for those who are looking to experiment or go a different path. 215/50 R17, 215/45 R18, 225/35 R20, these are some alternate tyre for Chevy cruze.  It’s however, important that you use the tyres which have been recommended by your car manufacturers.                

Drive Carefully

Your style of driving will eventually affect how long your tyre lasts. Driving roughly especially in places with bad roads, braking sharply, accelerating too soon and taking bends too quickly. All these have adverse effects on your tyres.  To make your Chevrolet Cruse tyres last longer, you should drive intentionally. Avoid bad roads, if possible look for alternate routes and if not, dry slowly and carefully. Give your cars more stopping distance so that you don’t have to step on your brakes suddenly.

Ensure Correct Tyre Alignment

Now at dubaityreshop, apart from tyre sales we offer loads of other tyre services such as car alignment and wheel balancing, tyre repairs, and changing and all these at great prices. Wheel balancing helps your car tyres perform at optimum; otherwise the tyres will wear out unevenly. And if this happens you’d have to change your tyres faster than you should.

Constantly Check Tyre Pressure

Overinflated tyres could lead to blow outs, this can be fatal when the car is on high speed. Even if it is not fatal, you’ll have a damaged tyre. For underinflated tyres, your car will consume more fuel in the process as the tyres become less efficient, needing more energy to move the car.   This under inflation of tyres will also cause the tyre to wear out faster.  So you should check you tyre pressure at least once a month, especially early in the morning before the weather and invariably the tyre has heated up.


Keeping your Chevrolet Cruze tyres Abu Dhabi in good shape is not that hard, with just a little thoughtfulness, you’ll get to enjoy your car.