Honda Civic Tyres – Tips for Caring for Your Car

Honda Civic is one of Honda’s most popular products. It has been dubbed the Honda’s equivalent of Toyota’s Corolla. Honda comes mostly in a Sedan variant, it is not a full car, according to certain quarters it is a mini car. The Honda civic is one of Honda’s most popular cars, it is also very affordable as the car is lightweight and also comes with a light weight engine, its fuel efficient and easy to maintain.

Now talking about maintenance, it is of extreme importance for any machine, you should maintain you Honda Civic tyres Shajah, yeah, tyres require maintenance too. You should take care of your car regularly, your car goes through dusts and dirt, rain and snow with a mixture of chemicals and a dash of sunshine, if these are left on the body of the car it will start to corrode, we don’t’ want this to happen to our car.  

Wash Your Car Regularly

This helps to take off those contaminants which could corrode your car. This would help you car remain new and fetch you a good price in case you decide to sell.

Clean Inside Your Car

Now here’s where you AC becomes very important, turning on your AC enables you to keep your doors closed, therefore reducing the amount of dust which gets into your car. The dust that gets in should be cleaned regularly. Areas such as the dashboard, chairs, footwells should be paid extra attention.

Tyre Care

Here’s something lots of drivers overlook, however, you should take care of your Honda Civic tires regularly. This you can do include inspecting the tyres and checking for potential failures, for objects lodged in the tyres and also for tread wear. Don’t forget to also check the pressure of the car tyres, now this would enable your car tyre last longer. The first step here though is to buy Honda Civic tyres of high quality.  You can buy Honda Civic tyres online or at your local tyre shop.  Some great brands to buy are Nexen, Continental, Kumho, Habilead, Kenda just to mention a few, and all these tyres are available at dubai tyre shop.  Buying from this tyre shop qualifies you for special treatment. You get various tyre related service free of charge; such as free tyre fitting, wheel alignment, 1 year warranty and tyre checks for as long as you have those sets of tyre. This is the dubai tyre shop promise.

Underneath Your Car

Most drivers never get to pay underneath their car any attention. To do this properly you’d need hoses, lances, and car underside cleaning formulas. Of course you don’t need to do this always, but one in a while it is advisable to do so. This will free you car of contaminants that can erode the underside.


Car maintenance is important and at Dubai tyre shop we help you maintain all things regarding your car tyres. It’s out forte and we are very good at it. We also offer car tyre advices such as the tyre size your car should use, for example your 2013 Honda Civic Sedan Ex tyres will be 205/55R16. To learn more about these you can contact us on +971556269517 to learn more.