Nissan X-trail – Nissan Plans Car Autonomy By 2020

The Nissan Xtrail was the Japanese auto manufacturers first foray into the Crossover SUV market. That’s what the Nissan Xtrail is, a compact cross over car. It hit the markets in the year 2000, just the same year many competing brands were also having their cross overs hit the markets. Nissan Xtrail is manufactured in Japan, that is the parts are manufactured there, however, it is assembled in different parts of the world.

The latest model of Nissan Xtrail comes with the Nissan Driver Safety Shield 360, this feature is the technology on which Nissan is building autonomous cars. Nissan is planning to have driverless cars on the road by 2020, now that’s just a year from now. We’ll see how they intend to go about it in a bit.


Nissan says she’s not planning to take away drivers from the control seat of the car, on the contrary, they are planning to give drivers an option, the option of whether to drive or not to drive. Basically in this car all you have to do is punch in your destination and the car will take you there whether you drive or not. Prototypes of Nissan’s driverless cars have been tested in car show all around the world, one of the latest was in the London Motor show of 2017, and those who attended can attest to what these cars can do.

The car is intended to be able to drive, park and even refuel itself. It can even tell when the driver needs to rest. All of these is based on the Nissan Driver Safety Shield 360, with this feature your car can see 360 around you. You’d be notified when someone is in any of your blind spots, lane departure warning, the vehicle can even brake on it’s own or even accelerate with the flow of traffic. These are already somethings the Driver Safety 360 can do.

Advances in autonomous driving are being made possible by the quick advances in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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