Kia Sorento Tyres – New Vs. Old Which?

Kia Sorento debuted in 2002, this car is a mid size CUV, made by Korean car makers, Kia. It is one of the few SUVs made by Kia, and the car at the moment is not doing so badly in the market.

When thinking of buying new Kia Sorento tires, what comes to your mind, do you think of buying old tyres or new ones? Perhaps you haven’t given it a thought, but are new tyres actually worth the price that they come with, considering you can get old tyres for a fraction of that price?

Well, let’s look at the pros and cons of old tyres

Old tyres are cheaper, way cheaper than their newer counterparts, and this would definitely count for something. And that’s all the advantage old tyres have over new tyres. Now let’s see some disadvantages.



They are towards the legal limit of their lifetime, therefore, these tyres will wear out on time.

As tyres get older, their braking distance, grip, handling and behaviour on wet road takes a nose dive.

Older tyres are prone to fractures, blisters, and other failures associated with tyres.

Why You Should Get New Tyres

New tyres are at the best time of their lives, they are trust worthy, and they’ll give you great grip and great stopping distance too, depending on the quality of tyres that you purchase.

Reputable tyres shops just like dubai tyre shop offer up to one year warranty and after sales services. Now you never get these services with old tyres.

New tyres obviously last longer than older tyres. New tyres usually come with about 8mm or treads. However, most of the second hand tyre which are sold come with 3mm or less of tread.

A large chunk of old tyres used in the UAE and in some other parts of the world comes from Germany. Although in most part of the world, the legal limit for tyre is 1.5mm, in Germany though at 3mm people begin to get new tyres and dispose of the old ones, and that’s how we have such tyres on the roads of Dubai.

Truly, new tyres are expensive, but they are very well worth the price. They are safer and you’d get to use them for many years, sometimes they can last for as much as 10 years. And with these tyres you can drive confidently, knowing you are using trusted tyres.

Some of the brands we are dubai tyre shop trust include: Dunlop, Michelin, Nexen, Kumho, Kenda, Firestone and a lot more.