Land Rover Tire Buying Tips

Land Rover is a well-known brand of United Kingdom that is known for manufacturing high end and luxury four wheel drive automobiles. This brand is owned by Jaguar Land Rover, which was owned by Tata Motors of India, in the year of 2008.

Dubairtyreshop website can be an ultimate online spot to from where you can easily buy Land Rover tires. But wait, you should not thing that you can only buy good quality tires online, but if you have the right information then you can even buy great and best fit tires from local dealerships. Land Rover is the brand that is known for manufacturing one of the best automobiles. And when someone buys any car from this prestigious brand, then he spends a huge chunk of money. So it is very important not to take insensible decision while buying Land Rover tires. Do not compromise on quality in order to save money. First of all gather comprehensive information on tires, then go for shopping. In this way, you will know what type of tires would fit well on your car and would meet your driving expectations.


The best thing you can do is to research on all available products being sold by different tire shops. In this way, you will know the kind of variety they are selling. Moreover, the following tips can also be very useful for you.

  1. Know the size you want:

If your friend is buying new set of tires and you are in love with them, then do not think that you shall also buy those tires because it is not necessary that the size of your friend’s tires will match with your Land Rover’s requirements. First of you must understand that every tire size will not fit best with your automobile. But, the good thing is that every car gives the owner an option of tire upsizing and plus sizing. Let’s understand these concepts briefly.

Every vehicle gives you a room of sizing up tire size. It means that if you are buying new tires, then you can buy little big large wheels. This option works great because the vehicle goes well on rough and bumpy roads with larger wheels. Moreover, sports cars and other type of cars look a bit glamorous with bigger tires.

The second concept is about tire plus sizing. If you will follow this trend, then you are going to buy tires with shorter sidewall as compared to the previous ones. In this condition, the tire height is going to be the same. This idea will definitely help in improving your car’s performance on the road. If you are freakier about the performance of tires, then you should better go for wider tires. They will help in giving your vehicle better traction on the roads but with less response time.

  1. Weight matters a lot:

As said by many people that light weight things perform well, so this idea can be applied to the performance of wheels as well. It means that buying lighter weight wheels can help get better performance on the road in terms of high speed, good traction, quick response time, better handling and great grip.

So before you check available brands of tire for your car, you must consider these two major tips.