Peugeot Tires for the Conscious Buyers

Peugeot is a renowned automotive manufacturing company that is French based. Before buying Peugeot tires, you must visit and look for the kind of tyres available there.

Types of tires

  1. All-season tires:

All-season tires are made up of that kind of rubber which is strong enough to bear all type of moderate weather conditions like hot or cold weather. These tires use rubber that stays flexible in all type of weathers. Moreover, the treads are designed in such way so that tires stay stable in weathers like snow and mud.


These tires are great for those vehicles which are driven on the roads where light snow falls during the year. But if you are thinking to buy them in case you live in area where it snows heavily, then you must for with winter tires. It is the same case with those who live in areas where it get too hot during summer. All-season tires do work well in hot weather but not in extremely hot regions. For people like this, only summer tires are preferable. It means that these tires are only for those buyers, who live in moderate climatic regions. Check available tires from the shop you intend to buy, and then pick the right set.

  1. All terrain tires:

These are made in such way that their selection can be a great compromise between road and off road tires. The treads are tighter than both off road and mud tires. This is the reason; they can perform well on the roads. Those who drive vehicles on the roads and rarely off roads, they shall pick these. Moreover, they also perform well on rocky and sandy lands. So you must check all available sizes then place your order.

  1. Low profile tires:

The sidewall of these tires are short than the tire size. If you mount these tires on your car, then you can take the advantage of buying larger rims and brakes as well.  These tires are great for those, who want better road grip and stability of vehicle while they do cornering.

  1. Performance tires:

These are quite similar to low profile tires and work well for the purpose of good dry traction and better road grip. You will usually see these tires on sports cars. They can handle high speeding and instant cornering.

  1. Winter tires:

These tires are suitable for those vehicles which are driven in those areas where it snows heavily during the year. They have huge amount of spies which work well the vehicle bite through heavy snow. The rubber used in their making is soft which does not get hard even during extremely cold weather. Thus, the traction of vehicle does not get negatively influenced. These tires do not perform well during summer. So you must better use them in cold weather conditions only.

  1. SUV tires:

All type of tires, which are rightly sized can fit well and perform great on SUVs. There are touring and passenger tires for those drivers, who want to drive on the roads, but those who are off road lovers, may like to prefer all terrain tires.

  1. Truck tires:

Any tire that is of correct size can be fitted on a truck. But sometimes the usage of vehicle also changes the requirement of tire type. In case the truck has to haul heavy loads and weight then a light weight truck tire should be preferred which you can buy from any of the expensive brands.

Some Recommended Tyres for Peugeot :

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