Nankang Tyres


Nankang tyre was established in 1959 in United Kingdom (UK). With over 60 years of tyres production, their quality standards have been proven by many international certifications. Their tyres are commonly known for their outstanding performance. They have highly contributed in reducing environmental wastes and using them for more useful products.


Tyres by Naakang manufacturing company lasts for a longer period of time even in severe road conditions. They have great influence in motorsport. Their tyres have good enduring strength that offers your car the best performance in every environment. Nankang tyres are among the official global tyre partners of fast and furious movies.


These tyres are available online in high ranges to meet up with all of your driving demands. Their sport racing tyres offer super impressive performance. Car owners can commute large mileages even in the toughest terrains with their off-road tyres without causing any physical damage to your car. These tyres are produced specifically for every season or condition. They produce them In the best comprehensive sizes.

Tyre Classes

Nankang manufacture tyres for the following automobile classes below;

  • Car tyres
  • Commercial tyres
  • Motorsport tyres
  • SUV tyres
  • 4×4 tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • All season tyres
  • Off-road tyres
  • Run flat tyres.


Nankang tires are critically scrutinized during every production processes to ensure good quality control. They produce tyres in different sizes to fit all types of automobiles and their function.


Nankang tyres are endorsed by some international certifications to be of high quality standards. The tyres are featured with additives to extend the tyre longevity and decrease rolling resistance in the tyres manufactured. Our tyres provide comfy driving feeling. Commercial drivers can always get absolute satisfaction and peace of mind when journeying on these car tyres.


These tyres were manufactured to ensure superior driver satisfaction irrespective of the type of vehicle and road condition. You are vividly on the right track if you are currently planning on getting a new set of Nankang tyres for your automobile. Their tyre never run out of stock in our authorized dealers stores. They are as well available in top online automobile tyre stores.



DubaiTyreShop has full online stock of Nankang tyres to fit in all your driving needs and enhance your tours. We offer quick product delivery. After the tyres have been delivered, customers can get free tyre fittings to the rim and on the car wheels.


We also provide discounted offers on some of our tires. Tyres sold by our online store comes with one year warranty to assure buyers of our integrity in getting original tyres. Other special sales offers such as buy 3+1 offer, clearance sales, free fitting, are also available for some of our tyres listings.


You can visit our website now to view out exclusive catalogues to catch the best deals at discount price.


For additional information or enquiries, our customer care help-desk unit are always willing to hear from all our customers. You can contact us on +971 5562 69517 or +971 54420 4322.


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