Upsizing Your Kia Soul Tyres

Kia soul is a subcompact SUV made by Kia motors, and designed in California. When people buy their cars something they think of things to improve the aesthetics and sometimes handling. One of the most popular things they do is changing from steel to alloy rims and then also upsizing the tyres.

A lot of tyre professionals would advise against and for good reason too, that’s because the manufacturers of the cars have put a lot into consideration before deciding on a certain tyre and wheel size.

However, truth be told there are advantages to tyre upsizing, both aesthetically and functionally.


For example upsizing your tyre improves clearance from the ground, this is very useful especially for off road vehicles. Upsizing also improve car handling and cornering abilities that it when done right.

Wider tyres also help the cars weight to be better distributed, thus helping with braking, balancing and also improving the cars side profile.


Yeah there are disadvantages to upsizing. First if not done properly, you could have your tyres touching the underside of your car, this will make driving a pain literarily, and if not detected on time, and it could even cause more damage.

Wider tyres are usually heavier and with bigger footprint, therefore this could have an adverse effect on fuel economy, acceleration and also reaching top speeds.

Upsizing your tyres also reduces the comfort that a car has been made to offer, therefore be prepared for some extra discomfort especially on bad roads.

Finally, the speedometer reading is not going to be accurate anymore,  it’s even going to be more glaring if the diameter of the tyre you’re using is different from the one that is recommended by the car manufacturers.

Looking For Upsizing Advice

At Dubai tyre shop not only do we cater to all of your tyre needs, but we also offer advices related to all tyre matters. So if you can contact our customer care agents and discuss about upsizing your Kia Soul tires. You’ll be given the exact kind of tyres that would suit your vehicle. And the beautiful thing is that you can do this all from the comfort of your living room all you need do is buy Kia soul tyres online.


We also offer free tyre fitting, free wheel balancing, free tyre checks, free tyre rotations and inspections, free throughout the lifetime duration of your tyres. We have some of the best brand aviaialbe in the UAE, brands such as Hankook, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Nexen and many more.


Tyre upsizing is not really a complicated affair, but then again it is better to engage the service of tyre technicians to make it the best that it can be.