Ford Raptor Tyres

These vehicles are one of the most formidable pick up trucks in the automobile market in terms of road conquering to it’s wide body and large all-terrain tyres.

The Ford Raptor is also powerful in terms of movement and balance, making them the ultimate pick up for both speed and off-road uses. They are also built with all the comfort that is sure to last for very long journeys as well as in tight maneuvers and it has all the grip you need for rugged and unfriendly road surfaces too.

Ford Raptors are a lot more larger than your usual pickup vans and perfect tyre is needed to give you all tge desired road experience and driving lifestyle it promises. You can find these pickup vans in striking colors such as red, silver, blue and lead.


Raptor engines are powered with double V-6 engines by Ford companies which is perfect considering the demands of such a beast of a vehicle. The suspension of the pick-up is also a thing of commendation as it gives thorough balance, good control, and a cool outlook all at thr same time.

The incredible features

Ford Raptors can easily carry up to 1,200 pounds of weight while being able to tow 8000. It is truly a strong piece of technology and a perfect choice for long-lasting commercial usage.

The tyre market has a long list of tyres suitable for any pickup vans and SUVs including your very own Ford Raptor, promising severe quality and durability to withstand so many key issues this vehicle demands. Issues such as;

  • Load baring
  • Compatibility
  • Durability
  • Speed
  • Endurance

Best tyre choices

Given that your vehicle is designed to carry tons of weight, you will need tyres capable of handling all those weight while skidding seamlessly on any kind of terrain or road surface.

Before thinking of getting a new set of tyres, the first thing that comes to mind is the price and affordabilty. The best options that won’t hurt your budget while also giving you the best value for every penny spent.

With a good price range of AED1,550 to AED2,700 you can get a new set of 4 tyres depending on your taste, the model and other recommendations. Below are some tyre models available at Dubai Tyre Shop which are perfect for your Ford vehicle.

  • Thunderer Trac Grip M/T R408
  • Yokohama Geolander A/T G015
  • Yokohama Geolander A/T G012
  • Marshal Road Venture MT KL71
  • Marshal Road Venture MT51
  • Marshal AT51
  • Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S
  • Kenda Klever M/T KR29
  • Kumho Road Venture AT51

Ford Raptor Tyres Size


Each and every tyre variants can easily be found in all Dubai Tyre Shop office across the country where models are sold online only. Our company offers a good range of services including home delivery, discounts, and free fittings for both old and new customers.

The best market prices can also be found here as well as guidelines in choosing the best sizes for your Ford Raptor vehicle too. Contact the help lines below for further information. +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322