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A trusted name in the UAE for tyre buying and automobile services, Dubai Tyre Shop continues to evolve and has now expanded its network to Kenya. Purchasing tires online has never been this easy as we offer great selection at the best price. No matter where you are in Kenya, you will have access to our extensive stock that includes everything from from Passenger tyres, Trucks, Tractors to Earth Movers. Tyres delivery from Dubai to Kenya is managed efficiently through our professional logistics system. So what are you waiting for – browse through our Tires shop Kenya inventory and confirm your purchase.


Dubai Tyre Shop – Best Kenya Tyres Shop

Kenyan roads vary and drivers are accustomed to different surfaces like dusty, well-tarmacked, and sometimes bumpy. In such conditions it is important to have reliable tyres that get you through these tough terrains. Among the best tire shop Kenya for online services, Dubai Tyre Shop has been delivering high quality products to a growing customer base. It is our goal to be proactive, efficient, and responsive in providing our customers with premium quality tires, suited for their specific requirements. Since we strive to become a leading tyre distributer in Kenya, we have taken an initiative to offer Porsche tyre maintenance, repair, and tyre rotation services. You can trust our state-of-the-art service facilities.

Dubai Tyre Shop is the authorized distributer of top branded tyres in Kenya. Here are some of the brands in our Kenya tyres shop collection that have raked in the most demand.


Michelin: A popular name in automobile industry, Michelin has earned great reputation due to its reliable, safe, and fuel-efficient tyres. Ensuring uncompromising quality, the brand is known for its innovative products that provide a perfect combination of performance and longevity.

Maxxis: Among the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, the brand also comes under the category of cheap tyres in Kenya. Designed for long lasting tread life, Maxxis tyres are economical and at the same time ensure performance on different road conditions.

Yana: Offering stylish tubeless tyres, its models are designed for modern motoring. The improved puncture resistance makes it a strong pick among the others tyres, owing to the bump and rough Kenyan roads.

Bridgestone: A superior quality tire, Bridgestone has a solid footprint in Kenyan tire market. Dubai Tyre Shop offers competitive Bridgestone Tyres prices in Kenya, making it a trusted brand in the region.

Goodyear: A leader in innovation and technological advancements, Goodyear allows responsive road handling on any surface and driving conditions. Goodyear Tyres price offers the best value for your money with long lasting tread life and fuel efficiency.

Yokohama: Allowing better control and confidence on road, Yokohama is among the favorite tyre brands in Kenya. Providing extra mileage and long-term reliability, these tyres ensure lasting wear and tear, as well as durability.


If you are looking to buy tyres in Kenya then Dubai Tyre Shop is your ultimate source. Avail our efficient, affordable, and quality tyre related services. We ensure our valued customers timely delivery of genuine tyres that come with manufacturer’s warranty. Our user-friendly online platform will make it easy for you to buy new tyres, but in case you have any more questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts, who are available 24/7.


If you have any inquiry about car tires, SUV tires then just call us +971 5562 69517 / +971 54420 4322 and we will arrange tyres for you. Rapid Tyres delivery from Dubai to Kenya.


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