Falken Tyres

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    Ziex ZE914 EcoRun205/65 R15

    Japan 2020
    Price Per Tyre (Fitting & Balancing): AED 341.25 AED 265.10 (Incl.VAT)
    Set of 4: AED 1060.4
    One Year Warranty

      Get the discounted Quality Falken Tyres

      Falken tires have perfect tread life and commonly last as often as andmore extended than deemed necessary. The Falken Tire is a brand of medium truck, light truck, and passenger car tires. The tire is considered as one of the best ultra-high performance a tire brand that wins motorsport activities very often. The Falken tire is used for the most popular terrain, and it’s regarded as an all-season tire.

      The Falken tire boasts of some of the best innovative tire technology available. This technology allows it to deliver a fantastic all-rounded outstanding performance. Even though the Falkentires are specifically designed for adventure and as a result rugged terrains, the tire also provides an impressive highway performance.


      Buying Guide for the Falken Tire

      Falken tires stand out for their superior quality and durability tires, even though they are not the oldest tire manufacturing company in the market today. The company that manufacturers the Falken tires produces both ultra-high performance and their off-road tyres options are good options to select from.


      Why you have to choose Falken Tires

      Falken is a Japanese brand which has an assembling office branch which is based on Dubai. Even though the company produces quite several tires for several kinds of vehicles, they do not overproduce tires, and this means that having lots of different options sounds excellent in theory.

      In reality, a sea of different but very similar products will tend to overwhelm consumers. For this cause, Falken only produces the right sets of tires that consumers require. Aside from giving consumers just what they need the company also has experience in motorsports and consistent product quality.


      Falken Tires uncompromising Quality

      Falken understands what uncompromising Quality means with over three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing tires in the motorsports industry. The company, making use of state of the art technologies and innovative features makes use of next-generation manufacturing system to produce tires. Their production process is highly precise and computer-controlled, which results in high-quality tires that last longer than competitive products at even the best prices. These tyres are available on several online tyre stores.


      Falken Tire Design Features

      It is safe to say that if you are looking for stability, durability and comfort and don’t want to break the bank to get it, Falken tires are the best option for you, some of the most critical design features for the brand are


      • The tire has Stable handling
      • The tire has Long Tread Life
      • It has Comfort and Low Noise




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