Run flat tires are puncture resistant tyres designed to withstand all forms of punctures without deflating the tyres. These tyres are specially designed with a technology that enables it to continue moving at an optimal speed of 90km/h (56mp/h). These tyres have the capacity to travel for a limited distance of 80 kilometres when the tyre air pressure is low and even when the tyre has lost all its air pressure.

More so, these tyres can only work with cars with TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) feature. Since run flat tyres do not bulge when they are flat, TPMS alerts the driver when their one or more of their tyres is losing air pressure. These tyres mostly run on a average speed of 80 km/h.


Types of Run Flat Tyres

  • Supporting system tyres: This run flat tyre is reinforced with a sidewall construct that supports the vehicle in case of air pressure loss.
  • Support-ring tyres: These run flat tyres are featured with an additional ring of hard rubber that supports the vehicle’s weight and keeps the vehicle moving when a tire has lost its air pressure.

Today, most cars produced by Mini Cadillac sedans, BMW and Mercedes Benz, are fitted with run-flat tires right from the factory. The most popular type of run-flat technology used today is the self-supporting tire.

Some popular run flat tyre manufacturers are;

  • Bridgestone tyres
  • Pirelli tyres.

Pro features

  • These tyres are self supporting. The tyre sidewall are heavily reinforced to allow drivers to continue driving on a flat tyre for about an extra 100 miles, even after all the air pressure inside the tyres has escaped. This tyre will only require the driver to keep his speed limit below 50 mph to get the maximum mileage.
  • Improved stability after the tyre is blowout: Due to its self supporting feature, this tyre has the capacity to travel for miles without air while the steering control and handling performance still performs at optimum.
  • Run flat tyres are characterized with stiff side-walls that allows the vehicle to be able to travel effectively in tough driving conditions. These tires do not bulge when the air pressure is low. This makes them to require frequent air pressure checks.


Run flat tyres costs more cash to buy than other regular car tyres. The tyre prices varies in type to its availability in each country. People rarely go for run-flats tyres when the need to get a new set of tires for their car pops up. Run flat tyres are quite scarce for drivers to get in most tires shops.

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