Toyota Prado Tyres

The Toyota Prado is a full size four wheel drive SUV. It is also called the Toyota Land cruiser Prado as it belongs in the Land Cruiser range. In the U.S. though, it is not regarded as belonging to the Landcruiser range.  In the Land cruiser range, Prado is now of the smallest.

Best Toyota Prado Tyres

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Tyre Glossary

Air Pressure

Usually measured in bars or Psi (pounds per square inch) it is the amount of air inside of a tyre. Your tyre having the correct pressure is very important both for the longevity of your tyres and your car safety.  You can find the correct tyre pressure in your driver’s manual, the driver door and also on the fuel of your tank.


You often hear this and it has to do with wheel balancing. That it making the wheels face front, with its footprint parallel to the road, when the steering is at quarter to – three – position. Alignment is the process of putting the wheel in this position, in the way that the manufacturers have designed for the wheel to be facing.

Aspect Ratio

This is one of the numbers found on the side of a tyre. Basically it refers to the percentage that shows the ratio of the height to the width of the tyre.


This is an activity to make sure that the as the tyres spin with the wheel their weight is equally distributed.


This is a metal string, it is wrapped with rubber and then used to hold the tyre to the rim.

Cold Inflation Pressure

This is the tyre pressure before it has been heated up by movement and by the day’s temperature. This is usually a tyre’s morning temperature. This is actually the tyre pressure that you should check for when inspecting your tyre pressure.

Cold Weather Tyres

Also know as winter tyres, this kind of tyres is used for when the temperature drops below 7 degrees as your summer tyre could break down in this kind of weather due to its brittleness. This tyre though should not be confused with snow tyres.


This is the area of the tyre which makes contact with the ground. A tyre footprint can tell you a lot about a car and a tyre too. Such as alignment, wear and tyre width.


Tyres are very important to a car. Getting the right tyres are very essential. At Dubai tyres Shop we ensure you have the best Toyota Prado tyres. We’ll deliver to you anywhere you are in the UAE free of charge too.