Toyota Fortuner- Brief History of Driving Technology

The Toyota Fortuner is an SUV developed from the stables of the car giant Toyota. It was developed majorly by the Toyota branch in Thailand. The vehicle is very similar to the Hilux truck, in that its body is actually built unto the Hilux platform. And just like the Hilux was a success in many parts of the world, so has the Fortuner being. It is a very popular brand in Pakistan and India, however, the vehicle is not sold in Japan and many other European countries.


Cars have come a long ways since the time they were first driven on the streets of Europe. So let’s see a little bit of car technology when it came about.

Car Technology and Year

1911 – Electric Ignition

It’s kind of funny, but who would imagine that it was standard practise to hot wire your car some many years ago. This ignition we take for granted made starting cars easier. The first car to use it was a Cadillac and pretty much soon it became standard for every car.

1915 – Radial Tyres  

The first designs were Patented in 1915 by Arthur Savage, then by 1946 Michelin had developed radial tyres and commercialized it. Though, there’s no evidence that Michelin knew anything about Arthur Savage’s work.  Radial tyres made driving safer, they also last longer, by the 1970’s they had all but pushed bias tyres out of the American market.

1930 – Car Radio

This is another car feature that we take for granted, however, prior to this year, there were no radio for cars,  not until the Galvin brothers invented it. At the time it was  very expensive though and it could sometime cost quarter of the cost of a new ride.

1956 – Power Steering

Before this time, you’d actually need upper body strength to be able to drive a car, especially when going around bends. Thanks however, to hydraulics, that’s all a time of the past. Now, almost anyone can drive a vehicle, and it won’t give you bulging arms.

1959 – Seat Belts

Little did Nils Bohlin know that’s he’d be saving over 2000 lives year in the U.S alone when he invented the seat belt. This featured first appeared in a Volvo car, and by the 1980 it became mandatory for passengers to wear their seat belts, meaning it also became mandatory for car manufactures to include them.


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