Tips on Buying Infiniti Tires

Who doesn’t know about Infiniti; the most luxurious division of a famous automaker company
called Nissan? In the year of 2018, the CEO of Infinity disclosed and announced that this brand
will be totally transformed into an electric brand. And it is working day and night to make all the
vehicles hybrid and electric over a period of few years.

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Tire shopping has become very easy even for those, who are just going to buy tires for the first
time. Internet is the main source which has brought this ease. People can now easily get
sufficient yet just related information online and then can buy the most appropriate tires for their
cars. Let’s have a look at some really good tire shopping tips.

1. Is it really time to change tires?
If you are confused over the replacement of your old tires with newer ones, then you must not be
worried. There is no need of taking help from any professional to get it checked. In fact you can
perform a simple penny test to know if your old tires are worn out or not. Take a penny and
insert it inside a tread. The penny has to be inserted in upside down direction. It means the
Lincoln’s head has to go down inside the tread. If the head is still visible, then it means that your
tires need to be immediately replaced. Moreover, you can also inspect the tires physically. If the
tires are worn out physically, the sidewalls are cracked or the rubber is just disoriented, then you
must take the decision of buying new tires.

2. Size matters:
Never try to do experiment with the tire size. It means that the size of tires that came from the
manufacturer was the one which fits best with the trim, make and model of your vehicle. So try
buying the tires of same size. In order to do this, you can simple check the sidewalls of your Infiniti tires. There you will find complete size description. Just note it down on a piece of paper and try to find the same sized tires either from a local dealership or online tire shop.

3. Change all the tires:
Never try to do shifting of your tires. It means that whenever you decide to buy a new set, buy all
the five tires. Yes, the spare as well. Sometimes, people tend to save money and buy only front
tires and they shift the old front two tires with the rear pair of tires. This can be pretty dangerous.
So you should better buy Infiniti tires new.

It is always easy to find popular brands of tires from the market as competitive price. So never
be afraid of way too high prices.

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