Tips for Buying Toyota Avalon Tyres Online

Toyota Avalon is a full size sedan produced and marketed by Toyota, a Japanese auto maker. The Toyota Avalon due to it’s size has been called the “big daddy” by certain people in certain climes like Nigeria.

It was first produced in 1994 in Kentucky U.S.A, by 1999, Toyota had started producing in Japan too. Avalon is Toyota’s flagship car in the U.S.A and between then and now this beloved vehicle has seen so many upgrades from it’s first model in 1994.


How To Buy Toyota Avalon Tyres Online

Almost any and everything can be bought online now a days. It does have it’s advantages and disadvantages though. But for most people the advantage always outweighs the disadvantages.

You can buy tyres online at with best price in the market, also before you buy tyres online there are certain things to look out for.


First you should know the kind of tyres your car needs, that is as per size of the tyre. This can be found on the car manual, on the drivers side and usually at one other point in the car, depending on the make of the car.


The road that you currently ply will tell the kind of tyre that you’re supposed to get. Bad road will need sturdier tyres, if you go off road a lot, then you might need some kind of off road tyres.

Tyre Reviews

Now this is very important, especially because you’ll not get to be testing the product you’re purchasing, but that doesn’t mean you’d have to buy it blindly. Therefore, checking the review of other tyres users is very important, as once the tyres have been delivered and mounted and then tested it might become difficult to send them back.

Buy From A Reputable Store

Dubai tyre shop is one of the most reputable tyre shops in Dubai. Not only do we sell tyres, we sell the best quality that money can buy, and we also have something for everyone, depending on your budget. We offer advice on tyre types and how they are likely to perform once fitted to your car. All you need do is contact our customer care on +971544204322 and ask all the questions you’d like to.

Some of the Toyota Avalon tyre brands we have include Goodyear, Toyo tires, Sumitomo, Nexen, Mastercraft, Dunlop, continental, Michelin, Pirelli and many more.

At Dubai tyre shop we have a wide sales network in the UAE, therefore you can be sure that your tyres will be delivered on time and in good conditions too. Buying from us entitles you to loads of benefits, such as free lifetime tyre servicing throughout the lifetime of those tyre bought from us. Purchasing from us also comes with free delivery, free tyre fitting, and free wheel aligning and balancing.


Buying your Toyota Avalon tires from the right place is very important, dubai tyre shop is one of those places you can make your tyre purchases and rest easy, knowing you’re covered.