Tips For Buying Audi Q7 Tyres

Audi is a German based car manufacturer. And the Q7 is a full size luxury Sports Utility Vehicle. This vehicle has not been very long on the market, it was first seen in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor show, and then later in 2006 it was available in the market. This 7 sitter vehicle is Audi’s first foray into the production of SUVs and it has been largely a successful one. Prior to then Audi was known for their high quality saloon cars. They were very popular on movie sets, such 007 and The Transporter

How do you know the best Audi Q7 tires to buy?

Before buying Audi Q7 tyres Dubai, there are some things to be considered.

Car Year and Model

Audi Q7 is an SUV, it has been built for on the road use and soft off road usage, and therefore this should be considered as you buy tires for it. This car weighs over 2,000 kg, it is heavy, so any tyres dubai won’t just do, you’d have to get the right size. Usually the tyre information for a car is always included in its manual, and also on the side of the driver’s door.


There are basically Two Audi Q7 models in the market for now. There’s the Audi Q7 SUV I (2006 – 2014), and then also the Audi Q7 SUV II (2015 – Present). And the recommended tyre sizes for them are slightly different.  There earlier Audi Q7 uses the 255/55 R18 while the later model uses the 255/55 R19. This is just to tell you that same car models of different years might have a little bit of difference to the kind of tyres that they use. Pirelli tires, Goodyear tyres are some of the brand that we would recommend in this size category.

Type of road you’re driving on is something else you should consider. The Audi Q7 is a luxury car, although an SUV it wasn’t really made for serious off the road driving.  It can be used on dirt roads, country roads, and of course on asphalt, but then sturdy tyres UAE will be required for you to get all that you want out of the car. Apart from the roads, you should also think of the time of the year you’re in. There are different tyres for different times of the year, summer tyres won’t just do well in winter and vice versa. To get the best out of your Audi Q7, then the right tyres are very essential.

Brands such as Dunlop, Bridgestone, Hankook, Continental, Kumho tyre, Nexen, BF Goodrich tires are all great brands for you to buy. They all come at varying prices from the premium tyres prices to mid range. And we offer all of these tyres and more in our tyre shops. You can also get our tyres online, all you need to do is visit our website at, and we’ll get the tyres delivered to you anywhere you are in the UAE. We give discounts at our shops and also sort all other tyre matters such as alignments and wheel balancing.