Things To Consider Toyota Land Cruiser Tyres

The Toyota Land cruiser is Toyota’s longest series of models, it’s being in the market since 1951 and it was Toyota’s reply to Jeep SUV of back in the days that we all know. This car is an SUV four wheel drive vehicle and over the years it has come in many variants, from station wagon to convertible and even cab chassis.

This is a great car by many standards, perhaps by all standards, therefore, to enjoy this car to the fullest, you’d have to use the best Toyota Land Cruiser tyres.  How do you get the best of these tyres? Well you can go online or you get them at reputable tyre shops near you.  If you want Toyota Land cruiser tyres UAE, then you should check out dubai tyre shop. It is a very reputable tyre shop based in dubai but servicing the whole of UAE. Here you can get some of the best tyre brands like Michelin Tyres, Dunlop Tyres, Yokohama Tyres, Habilead Tyres, Nexen Tyres, General tires and many more. Then but before making this decision you have to have certain information about your car such as

Tyre size

Now, this is perhaps one of the most important information about your tyre that you should have.  Different cars have different sizes. Sometimes same model car but different variants of them come with different tyre sizes. For example the Land Cruiser V8 (LC 200) 2008 model, tyre size is 265/70 R17.  Finding your tyres size is very easy. All you have to do is check your car user’s manual or the driver’s door, inside. And if for some reasons you have neither your user’s manual nor the tyre size is not on the door, then you can check online forums for your tyre sizes.


Type of Road

Driving off road and driving on Tarmac are two different things. And these two different things require different kinds of tyres.  For off road driving you’d require some kind of off road tyres or all terrain tyres. Otherwise your driving will be very uncomfortable. If where you drive through on a regular basis is rough, then you’d need some very sturdy tyres.

Driving Style

Some people like to drive calmly and smoothly some others well drive fast and rough. Now this will determine the kind of tyres you’d buy. Some tyres give soft rides, some give speed and are great at turns. The kind of tyre you buy here then depends on what kind of drive you prefer.


Your Toyota Land cruiser tires can be gotten online and then we can have it shipped to anywhere you ae in the UAE. There’s a lot you stand to gain from buying from them. Such as free tyre fitting, free wheel balancing and also free tyre checks.