Nissan Tiida – Defensive Driving

Created in 2004, the Nissan Tiida is a product of Nissan Motors, the Japanese auto giant. The Tiida is a sub compact and compact car, and it has been in the market for a while, it’s in it’s third generation at the moment. The Tiida is a hatch back and it is also know by other names such as Pulsar and many more.


Defensive driving is not new in our clime, it was first started as a class in 1964. Defensive driving involves driving to save lives, time, money, inspite of the conditions around you and the action of others. This is according to the National safety council defensive driving course. Therefore, defensive driving involves staying alert for drunken driver’s and other bad road conditions. It entails you being prepared to spot dangers on the road as a driver and get ready to avert it, thereby protecting yourself, your car and it’s occupants. It also involves anticipating dangers on the road and then avoiding them.

Someone has described defensive driving as regarding every other driver on the road as drunken, or as bad drivers.

Tips For Defensive Driving

Drive at a controllable speed.

Look ahead and expect the unexpected, therefore don’t expect other drivers to do what you think they should do.

Follow all traffic rules and regulations

Concentrate on Your Driving and Avoid Distractions.

Maintain a safe following distance using the 2 second rule. This means that the shortest distance between you and the vehicle in front of you should be at least two seconds. Here’s how to do it, pick a landmark, say a tree or a sign post for instance. When the car in front of you has passed the landmark, measure the amount of time it takes for your car to get to the landmark, if it is less than two seconds, then you need to increase the distance between you and the car.

Take cognizance if you are driving is special road conditions such as on a rainy day, in stormy weather or bad road. Expect other drivers to make mistakes and be ready to react.

About Your Cars

Make sure your car is road worthy, it’s one thing for you to be alert, it’s another thing for your car to react to you the way that you expect it to.  So make sure that your car has regular servicing.

Adjust your speed also as you’re entering a bend this will ensure that you do not apply brakes in the middle of the bend.

Also make sure your Nissan Tiida tyres are always in shape. And of course replace them when they start getting bad. You can purchase Nissan Tiida tyre online or at any tire shop close to you.  A very reputable tyre shop is dubai tyre shop, there you can get everything regarding tyres , from tyres sales to repairs and servicing.


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