Nissan Sunny – How To Make Your Petrol Last Longer

This is one factor which a lots of people consider when buying cars. The amount of fuel the car will consume, and with the increase in prices in fuel world over it is a legitimate concern. The Nissan Sunny is a mid sized car, with a 1.5 – 2.5 litre engine, therefore it will not consume as much say vehicle like a truck. In fact has been one of the selling points for sedans.


Irrespective of the kind of vehicle you drive, there are certain steps that can be taken to help you conserve fuel.

Steps to take for longer Lasting Fuel

Drive Smoothly

This is perhaps the greatest enemy of fuel conservation. Accelerating very suddenly and quickly and then braking sharply. The fact is that accelerating pumps fuel into the engine, and then when you brake suddenly, you don’t give the car the chance to fully use up the fuel which has already being pumped into the engine. So brake smoothly, over a longer distance too, so that the car can come to a more natural stop.

Tire Pressure

You should check your tyre pressure at least once a month. Underinflated tyre increase the rolling resistance of your vehicle of your tyres thereby causing you car to expend more energy and invariable more fuel. So make sure you check your tyre pressure at least one a month, especially if you use run flat tyres. Your TPMS might not show any drop in pressure if you’re using RF Nissan Sunny tyress, therefore the check must be done manually.

Slow Down

Driving at very high speeds can drain your fuel faster. Usually there’s a speed at which most cars are most fuel efficient and this is usually somewhere between 80 and 90km per hour for most cars. Also driving at a constant speed helps to conserve fuel, you can use cruise control to achieve this. However be careful not to use this feature in wet driving conditions as it will actually slow down your braking if you need to do that suddenly.

Keep Your Engine Well Tuned

This is another very important way to make your car more fuel efficient. A well tuned engine runs more efficiently with lesser effort, thereby conserving more energy.

Reduce Aerodynamic Drag

If possible refrain from carrying load outside of the vehicle, if you have a carrier avoid using it, expect out of necessity, it is better to carry load inside the vehicle, as this will reduce the air drag, so that the car can use less fuel, Also other attachments such as a camper or trailer should be disengaged when not in use.

Use the Right Engine Oil

You want to keep your engine running as efficiently as possible, one of the ways it to keep it lubricated and also free from dirts, this is what the right motor oil does for your vehicle.

Use Eco-friendly Nissan Sunny Tires

The kind of tyres that you use will also determine how fuel efficient your car will be. Some tyre are more fuel efficient than others, this is because they have a lower rolling resistance, now if you’re very serious about fuel usage, you might want to get something like this. They are called eco-friendly tyres. Not only are they good for your pockets, but they are also very good for the environment.

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