Nissan Maxima Tyres

The Nissan Maxima could be said to be the older sibling of the Nissan Altima. The difference between them is not much at least for older model, expect of the fact that the Maxma was kind a bigger mode Sedan, that is a full sized model as compared to the Altima which is in the mid size category.

Anyway, all that’s is about to change with Nissan’s unleashing of its 2020 model Nissan Maxima.  The car comes with a slightly increased price that it’s 2019 sibling, but then it more than makes up for that bump in price with 6 safety features and drivers assist technologies. Now these features come standard on every 2020 Maxima  irrespective of the grade.


Before we go further though, let’s take a look at where the beloved Maxima has been coming from and a little history about it.

So the Nissan Maxima is a product of Nissan Motors, a Japanese multinational auto company, the company is partly owned by Renault who actually happen to be the highest shareholder in this company.

The Nissan Maxima was introduced into the market in 1982, it happened to be an upscale model of its predecessor, the Datsun Maxima. It was created as a mid-size sedan, though between then and now the car has undergone a lot of changes, just as car technology has improved.

Now back to the 2020 model, which was actually introduced in 2015, so for a while we won’t be expecting any thing drastic. Anyways, this model comes with some increase in price, Nissan, in a lot of critics opinion is making it worth your while. This car comes with 6 safety features for drivers called the Nissan safety shield 360. This is Nissan standard driver aid and safety suite and it is standard across all variants of the 2020 model. The features are  namely automatic braking system, lane departure warnings, blind spot warning, automatic high beam, rear automatic breaking and rear cross traffic alert.

Nissan Maxima Tyres

Nissan doesn’t sell tyres, but of course every of their vehicle will come outfitted with tyres. These tyres though will not last forever, at a certain time you’d have to change them. So how do you  ensure that you get quality Nissan Maxima Tyres UAE? There are two ways to go about this, you could either buy from a reputable store somewhere around you or you could purchase these tyres at dubai tyre shop.

Now, at this shop not only do we offer Nissan Maxima tires for sale, but we also offer other tyre services. Now purchasing from us would quality you to receive our tyre services for free. Services such as tyre fitting, wheel alignment and balancing, tyre checks and you’d even get a one year warranty on your tyres.  You can buy your Nissan Maxima tyres online from our store, you’d enjoy advantages such as quick, free and safe delivery no matter where you are in the UAE.


The 2020 Nissan Maxima is a sight to behold, it comes sporty, therefore it deserves the right tyres. If you are stumped for the kind of tyres to use, or perhaps you’re considering trying our a different set of tyres. Then you can contact our tyre experts we’ll give you tyre advice free of charge.

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