Nissan Juke – How To Choose The Right Car

The Nissan Juke is a product of Japanese manufacturer Nissan. The car came into the market in 2009, after debuting at the Geneva Motor show. This car is a Subcompact Cross over SUV, it could also be called a 5 door hatch back Sedan, depending on the way you look at it. This vehicle did very well in both the Japanese markets and the European markets, surpassing its first and second year sales projections by several thousand cars.

The Juku as called in Japanese is really a cool car to have, it is also sold as the Infinity ESQ in the Chinese and other markets.

Nissan Juke Tyres

The recommended tyre size for this vehicle are 205/60 R16, 225/45 R18, 215/55 R17, at least these are the most popular ones, depending on the model that you drive.  And you can easily buy these Nissan Juke tyres online at dubai tyre shop. We’ll get the tyres to you anywhere you are in the UAE free of charge, quickly too and the tyre will be in great conditions.


How To Choose The Right Car for You

There are a myriad of cars available for car shoppers, with different features and different price ranges. These large number of choices can make it difficult for someone to make a choice on the kind of car to buy.  Some of the factors we’ll be looking at would be maintenance costs, insurance, price of the car and fuel economy of the car. To ease your car choices here are the steps to take

Research and Ask Questions

What kind of car suits your lifestyle?

Car budget

Whether you will be getting a new car or a used car.

So do you want a family car, an SUV, something for the off roads, a sports car, now this is one questions you must answer?


When you have decided on the style of car you want to purchase, the next thing is to look at how much cars in that category would cost. And then if you can pay for them. Apart from that you’d also have to consider the payment options, if they are convenient for you. So you want to check the down payment, the monthly payment and how you can afford them overtime. Of course you’d also have to include fuelling and maintenance in your car budget. Don’t forget that you have to add insurance and registration. Some vehicle cost more than others in maintenance and registration. Find out from your DMV the annual registration fee for the kind of car that you want to buy, you don’t want any surprises.


This is going to cost you some money, the more expensive the car, the higher the insurance premium. .


Your car purchase doesn’t have to dig a hole in your pocket. As you buy your car there’s also the matter of Nissan Juke Tyres Shajah to be considered. Buying from Dubai tyre shop gives you a whole lot of advantages, access to lots of brand choices, free delivery, and free tyre servicing.

Recommended Tyres Brands for Nissan Juke :