Nissan 350Z Tyres

This is one beautiful car, and aptly it is called the fair lady (Z33) in Japan. The Nissan fair lady is a 2 seater sports car and it is manufactured by the Japanese car giant, Nissan. It came into the market in 2003, and was produced until 2009, where it was replaced by 370Z. This car comes in a 2 car models, the Roadster and Coupe, then of course there models come with their individual variants.

How To Make your Car Last Longer

The Nissan 350Z is no longer being produced, and for those of you who have it, you might want to keep it for as long as possible. How do you do this, we’ll be giving some tips on doing that in right here.

Follow Routine Maintenance

This might seem expensive in the short run, but in the long run it will help you save money on the car. So you should change your oil, about after 6,000 miles, check your Nissan 350z tyres for tears/ wears or other signs of failure. Also make sure that your tyre pressure is accurate. This should be done in the morning when the tyre is still cold.


Nissan 350Z Tires Sizes:

Please check your vehicle manual to see exact tyre size.

225/45ZR18 / 245/45ZR18

245/40ZR18 / 265/35ZR19

Use The Right Accessories

These includes tyres, and other parts when there are due for change. You can buy good Nissan 350z tyres online at dubai tyre shop. Not only are the price very good, but you also get to have your tyres delivered to anywhere you are in the UAE. Apart from that you also get to have your tyres serviced for free, throughout the lifetime of those tyres. Other free services such as free tyre fittings, wheel alignment and many more tyre related services all for free.

Use High Mileage Oil

High mileage oil helps your car run more smoothly, especially if you’ve had your car for a while. With some good high mileage oil, you can actually get up to 500 extra miles annually. Oil also reduces friction and cleans up your engine.

Keep the Outside Clean

Apart from the fact that it makes your car look neat, it can also protect your car from rust. The grim, dirt, dust, and all other unwanted stick to your car as you go around, if left untended to they can cause your car body to run. This is even more important if you live near the ocean, as the salt in the atmosphere can be corrosive for metals.

Drive Carefully

Over speeding, driving fast in bad road conditions, stopping sharply, all these would eventually tell on your car. Driving carefully will also help you avoid a fender bender or even worst accidents.

Repair As At When Due

It is tempting to put of the repair of something in your car as long as you can still use the car. However, there’s no need prolonging the inevitable, delay might even cause you to even spend more.


Taking care of your car will make it last longer, run for longer and fetch you good prices if you decide to sell. It’s not difficult to do, just follow the rules given above and you’ll be fine.