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Mitsubishi is a Japanese auto manufacturer, headquartered in Tokyo, this company specializes in making cars, trucks, buses, automotive parts and heavy machinery. Mitsubishi Motors as we know it today did not start as a car manufacturer. The company was originally a ship building company, and then they soon started making airplane parts. By 1970 though, Mitsubishi had three auto divisions, and then it combined the three off them into one company. So, 1970 was when Mitsubishi Motors became a company. As early as 1917 though they had dabbled into car manufacturing, and also a few more times after that. Well, now Mitsubishi has offices and factories in many parts of the world, while its headquarters remains in Tokyo Japan.


The Mitsubishi Pajero is a full size SUV made by Mitsubishi Motors. The Mitsubishi Pajero is also known as Montero in eerthe video addons category check.on with the link above, you can go ahead and install watch animemost Latino countries and it is also known as Shogun in the UK.

The car made its debut on the Tokyo Motor show in 1983, and then a few years later it won the Dakar rally. The Pajero, modified versions of it though, have won the Dakar rally 12 times, in fact the Pajero won the Dakar rally the third time that it entered and this was in 1985.

Well, this is actually one of the reputations that the Pajero has acquired over the years. It is some sort of a beast in off road applications but then on road, nothing spectacular.

The Mitsubishi Pajero faithful’s in the UK though would be missing something. Just recently the company announced that it would stop the production of Mitsubishi Pajero in the United Kingdom after a run of about 40 years. So from the year 2020 there would be no Pajeros made for the UK market. Anyone who wants it might have to import it themselves.

This is not new to the US markets though, as far back as 2006, Mitsubishi had made this announcement in the U.S also. There are many speculations for this, it would most likely be that the vehicles are not doing very well the markets, or importing it might be cheaper for them.

The Asian markets will still have Pajero, and that includes the UAE, therefore, you’d still need Mitsubishi Pajero tyres.

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