Mitsubishi Lancer Tyres

This is a compact car, and it comes from the stables of Japanese multinational company, Mitsubishi, the car debuted in 1983 and between then and now it has been known by many names across different climes. Such as Fortis Lancer, Mitsubishi Gallant, Gallant Fortis,  Hindustan lancer and many more names.

This vehicle has also been successful as a competition vehicle, it has won the Southern Cross rally 4 times and the Safari twice, not many cars can boast of this feat.


The Mitsubishi Lancer production has ceased world over though, except in China and Taiwan.

How Tyre Upsizing Affects Your Car Behaviour

A lot of things can affect the way your car behaves, but one of the most noticeable ones is your car tyres. Factory fitted tyres and upsides or down sided tyres would not have the same behaviour.

So how does upsizing affect your car

Increased Contact Area

Wider tyres do have the advantage of having more contact with the road, Now this leads to more grip, better balance, shorter breaking distance and better reaction when turning. There’s also better acceleration. However, this could negatively affect other aspects of the car performance such as fuel efficiency.

So, when upsizing it is advisable to go up by one size and not more. Otherwise you might need to buy bigger wheels, now bigger wheels have the disadvantages sticking out of the wheel arch and then scraping against the wheel well, especially when negotiating bends. This of course would hamper movement and could actually damage the wheel well of the car and also the tyre.

Lower Profiles

Wider tyres could also come with lower profiles, lower profiles have the advantage of better grip and handling however, this would affect the comfort of the car. Usually when car manufacturers are choosing tyres they look at a lot of factors such as grip, comfort and the safety and so on and then they select the best which will give optimum value for all the factors. Now in upsizing your tyres you’ll get excellent results in some areas and for the other areas you’d get poor results.

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Upsizing car tyres does have it’s appeal, but safety is the most paramount. Make sure whatever you’re doing will not hamper the safety of your car and by extension it’s passengers.