Maintaining Your Nissan Sentra Tyres

Nissan Sentra is a mid size sedan from Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. It is junior to the Maxima and the Altima. The Nissan is not one of Nissan’s most popular brand, but then again it hasn’t done so badly in the market. As the vehicle could be said  to be Nissan’s equivalent of a Toyota Corolla. Little cars with not necessarily powerful engines, which leads to great fuel economy.

The Nissan Sentra was at first the entry level Nissan, and also it was classified as a sub compact car, that is by 1982 when it first got into the market, however by the 2000 model year Nissan began to classify it as a compact car. The EPA doesn’t exactly agree with Nissan though as they classify the Sentra as a mid size sedan, the Sentra has grow in size over the years, therefore it is not so difficult to see why it would be classified in that manner.


How To Keep Your Nissan Sentra Tyres in Shape

Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your tyre to make it last the longest. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated, an underinflated tyre will take up more fuel as it would lead to increased rolling resistance, not just that, they have a high probability of getting damaged and of cause underinflated tyres will not perform very well under load.  Also make sure your tyres are not overinflated, this could lead to blowouts or other kinds of tyre failure. The recommended tyre pressure can be found on the driver side of the door. And you should do a pressure check at least once a month, in the morning when the tyres are still cool.

Manually Inspect Your Tyres

You should do this like every other week. Look over your tyres for slashes, cracks, and things which may have logged within it. This way you’ll be able to catch anything before there’s a major tyre failure.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Alert (TPMS) 

Always pay attention to your TPMS, there could be several reasons for this warning, your car owners handbook will tell you more about that.

Don’t Mount Your Tyres

Don’t mount your tyres to the rims by yourself, except of course you’re a tyre technician, if not, then this should be left for the experts to handle. Otherwise you might end up ruining your tyres, hurting yourself or worse.

Buy Quality Nissan Sentra Tyres

How do you do this, you can purchase them online, or find a reputable tyre store near you. You can buy quality Nissan Sentra tire brands such as Firestone, Kumho, Cooper tires, BF Goodrich, Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop and there are many more such great brands at Dubai tyre shop.

Drive Carefully

Rough driving also ruins tyres, entering portholes without slowing down, accelerating and braking soddenly, climbing speed bumps without slowing down, these are some of the things that could ruin your Nissan Sentra tyres Dubai. So you have to drive safely and carefully.