Kia Optima Tyres

Kia Optima is produced by Korean car maker Kia, it is built and assembled in Korea from where it is then shipped to other parts of the world. The Kia optima is a four door mini car.

After buying tyres, they have to be installed, most car tyres can be installed in any direction, but there are these special breed of tyres called directional tyres. The tread of these cars are designed in such a way that they can only be installed in one direction.


Types of Car Treads

There are basically three kinds of tyre treads,

Symmetric treads

Asymmetric treads

Directional treads

Symmetric Tread

For some reason these the least popular of these three kind of tyre treading, they are used for small vehicles and vans.

Asymmetric Treads

Here the inner and outer treading go in opposite directions. These kind of tyres are used for bigger vehicles, and vehicles with bigger engine power. and the likes. This is also the most popular kind of tread amongst tyres.

Directional Tread

Here the tread shape either comes in U or in a V. They feature oblique grooves. The advantage of this kind of tyre is that it is great for wet driving conditions. The direction of the treading helps to drain off water very quickly, both summer wetness, snow and slush. Directional tyres are said to reduce hydroplaning by up to 20% more than non-directional tyres.


Reduces hydroplaning by up to 20 percent

Comes in really beautiful and attractive designs

The tyres also do very well in dry conditions also,


There’s a ½ probability that the spare tyre will be installed in the opposite direction from the previous tyre.

The tyre doesn’t do very well with noise levels.

There’s also the fact that they wear out faster than non-directional tyres.

Tyres can be incorporated with more than 1 kind of feature, for example you can have a tyre with directional treading which has been built for summer and so forth.

However, there are no tyres with all features packed into one, some tyres will have some more features than others, however, the perfect tyres are yet to be created. You’d have to choose the most important qualities for you and forgot the rest that is after you have considered your driving style and environment.

Fixing Directional Tyres

These tyres usually come with markings or signs that show the direction in which the tyres should be installed. Or better still you can have professionals do the installation for your Kia optima tires.

Where To Get Kia Optima Tyres Dubai

You can buy these tyres at your local tyre shops or buy kia optima tyres online from dubai tyre shop. Here are some of the brands we sell at Dubai tyre shop. You can order any of our tyres online and it will be delivered to you any part of the UAE you may be in. We have a wide network of delivery in the UAE and you can be sure to receive your tyres quickly and in good order too. These are some of the tyres we have in stock at dubai tyre shop for Kia Optima.

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