Jeep Wrangler Tyres

There is no way one would look at the Jeep Wrangler without remembering the World War II era given it’s design. The off-road capabilities of this vehicle is nothing short of incredible. You can drive your Jeep Wrangler on both pedestrian roads and off-road terrains with ease and comfort.

This makes the Wrangler one of the best multi-purpose vehicles around. It embodies the power, control, balance, and comfort to leave drivers wallowing in endless quality driving experience. Picture your Wrangler vehicle skidding through the sandy dunes of the desert or through the gentle city roads. It’s simply remarkable!

Wrangler Jeeps comes with detachable cloth top and can also appear as either two door or single door vehicle too. Let’s have a brief look at some o if its most striking features.

JEEP Wrangler Tyres Sizes:

(We listed major sizes below, check the size in your car manual to choose the right one)












  • Leather-covered steering wheel
  • Power locks in windows
  • Air conditioner
  • Auto head lamps
  • Android Auto connectivity feature
  • Apple carplay

Well equipped with the formidable V6 engine, the speed is uncompromising and utterly satisfying, making both light and heavy travels a blast. This piece of engineering magic can also carry loads of metric tons that are quite similar to SUVs and pickup vans.

What completes a vehicle as majestic as this? You guessed right. A set of great tyres. Dubai Tyre Shop consists of all mouthwatering offers of tyres that rounds off a long-lasting driving fantasy.


From formidable tyre names such as Dunlop, Yokohama, Nexen to Cooper and BFGoodrich, there is a healthy plethora of familiar brands available at amazing prices.

Our company also has other premium quality models which are only sold online. They include Goodyear, Pirelli, Michelin and Continental tyres. Other services such as free fittings, discount prices, as well delivery to any location accross the city is also at your fingertips.


Here are some premium tyres on offer that will only ensure your safety and long-lasting quality for your Jeep Wrangler today.

  • General EUROVAN 2
  • Thunderer Ranger R101
  • Yokohama Supervan Y356
  • Roadstone CP521
  • Deestone Payak R402
  • Dunlop SP VAN 01 8PR
  • Bridgestone R623 8PR
  • Bridgestone R624 8PR
  • Michelin Agilis
  • Hankook Vantra LT RIA8
  • Marshal ProTran KC53

Some of these tyres are build mainly for grip and control especially for tight manuevers and slippery terrains. This is evident from their complex treadings and larger sizes to keep your Wrangler balanced at all times. Some other brands have just the right size for comfort while maintaining speed and a quiter journey even on off road travels.


The Dubai Tyre Shop customer care contact lines are available 24/7 and customers can get all the desired info on sizes, price discounts, home delivery, and fittings or by speaking to designated representatives on the following numbers. +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322.

Dubai Tyre Shop has the best tyre choices and deals for tyre marketing which will surely leave both new and old customers satisfied. Tyres here are sold online, and by searching through the official website, customers can easily lay their hands on any of the available tyre deals.