Hyundai Tucson Tyres – Tips For Buying Them

Hyundai Tucson Tires UAEHyundai Tucson is a compact utility vehicle made by Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai. This vehicle is a cross over, that is some kind of mish mash between a sedan and an SUV, it has been described as being a rung below Santa Fe. Hyundai Tucson was first made in 2004 and was named after Tucson, a city in the U.S.

All cars come with tyres, fitted from the factory, it is always assumed that the tyres fitted by the manufacture is the best for the car, since they designed it. This is true in most cases. However as time goes on and you use your car, the tyres are bound the wear out, and when they do, they need to be replaced as soon as possbie. So here we’ll be sharing some tips on how to get the best Hyundai Tucson Tyres are even tyre for any other car that you drive.

Tips For Buying Tyres

Know Your Tyre Size

This is like one of the most important information to have as regards cars and tyres. How do you find this information? It’s very easy, every car and tyre comes with this information. The tyre sizes are usually written on the side wall of the tyre. This information is also available in the car user’s handbook. In case you don’t have that, then you should check on the driver’s door, you’ll find it there.

And as a last resort there’s always the internet to find such things. The important thing is not how you find it, but having it. The Tucson 2005 LX4WD comes with a 235/60R16 tyre. While the Tucson 2019 Limited comes with a tyre size of 225/55R18. So know your tyre sizes.

Consider Your Driving Route

There are many types of tyres and they are classified based on many parameters.

Your driving route will tell the kind Hyundai Tucson tires you should be using. If you usually ply an off road route, or places with bad roads, then you might not want to buy touring tyres, you might decide to go for something sturdier.

Driving Style
this will also tell on the kind of tyres you’d buy. For those who love sport/competition driving, and taking sharp bends around corners, you’d have to consider that when buying tyres. If you do a lot of highway driving, you know long distance driving.  You’d also have this to consider when getting a Hyundai Tucson Tyres Dubai.


There are premium tyre brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, BridgestoneDunlop, Continental and Pirelli, these top six as they have been called are expensive, not everyone can afford them. There are cheaper ones such as Nexen, Cooper, Kumho, good tyres too. Here’s the things though, buy the best Hyundai Tucson tyres Shajah which you can afford.


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