Hyundai Santa Fe Tyres

Hyundai Santa fe is the first SUV from the stables of Hyundai the Korean automaker, it was first released in the year 2000, an is named after the city of Santa fe in New Mexico. With just a few years after this car came into the market, it became one of the best sellers in it’s category, even sold better than some popular and more established brands. The Hyundai Santa fe was very instrumental to the success and popularity of the Hyundai brand in the United states in particular and the world in general.

Great cars deserve great tyres, so that brings us to the question, what kind of Hyundai Santa fe tyres should you use.

Run flat Tyres To Or Not To

Run flat tyres are special kind of tyres, these tyres have been so made that they can keep on running even after suffering a puncture or a deflation. The bead of the tyre remain attached to the rim of the wheel, therefore the tyres will not go off at a tangent and the wheels will remain undamaged. The sidewalls in these tyres are reinforced, therefore they keep on carrying the weight of the vehicle even after it has suffered a damage and also the wheels will not fly out after.


Now here’s  caveat though, it won’t run forever. The tyre according to experts shouldn’t run faster than 50 miles per hour and then it shouldn’t be used for more than 150 miles. This will enable you too keep on running until you get to your destination or a tyre shop.

Advantages of RF tyres

It eliminates the need to carry spare tyre, therefore you can save booth space and have better fuel economy since the car is lighter.

It also lends to better security, if one loses a tyre for any reason, you can still travel for perhaps up to an hour, and still have a smooth ride.

It eliminates the need for tyre changes, for those who don’t know how to do tyre changes or don’t care at all, they’ll find these kind of tyres very useful


Run flat tyres are more expensive than standard issue tyres, therefore not everyone can afford them

RF tyres cannot be used again after they get damaged, they cannot be fixed at least most of the time, one would have to get new ones.

In certain quarters it has also been said that run flat tyre are less comfortable than standard issue tyres. RF tyres also have grip issues, and they are heavier than your standard tyres. Not all cars are designed to be able to use run flat tyres.

Where to buy Hyundai Santa Tires

Buying Hyundai Santa fe tyres Shajah has never been easier. You can buy these tyres at you local tyre shop or you can buy Hyundai Santa fe tyres online. When you purchase from Dubai tyres shop to stand go gain a lot. One is that your tyres come with a full one year warranty, and also you get free tyre repairs and servicing through out the lifetime of those tyres.

Now the decision whether to buy  runflat tyre depends on your choice and also whether you can afford it or whether your car has been designed for it.


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