How to Buy Toyota Camry Tyres Online

The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular Camry car worldwide. The car has also spanned several generations, from 1982 up until now. It’s gone through several iterations, revisions and models, yet Camry is still one of the most loved cars. Camry is produced by Japanese car maker, Toyota.

This car is a mid-sized car, and it is very popular in Africa and Asia seeing that it is very cheap, conserves fule and pretty much just gets the job done. That is the job of moving around.


Premium Tyres

Premium, the word premium represents something that’s the crème de la crème, the best amongst a group of things, For tyres they basically represent tyres of very high quality. In the tyre world there are not many that can claim this. We have basically the big six Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli and Continental, for over 20 years they have been regarded as the world’s premium tyre manufacturers. These guys too are actually one of the oldest tyre makers in the world, they have outfitted sports car race teams, won trophies and made more revenue than other brands.

There’s another brand which lately could be said to have gotten into the premium tyre setmaent and that is Hankook tyres. Now this is because they have fultilled all of the requirements for a tyre brand to be in the premium category.

There are some characteristics to look out for in premium tyres: they include

Test results

Premium tyres do very well in this regards, especially in wet driving conditions. They are head and shoulders above the mid-range tyres.


These tyres usually and have always over the years made much more money than the mid range tyres

Original Equipment (OE) Fitting

So basically when car come from the factory they are fitted with usually one of the premium tyres. For a while though, mid-range tyre brands have begun winning contracts to fit tyre to cars. However this cars are your usual “normal” cars. However, it is stll the premium tyre brand that fit the cars such as Audi, Porsche, BMW M, Benz and the likes.

Hankook as a Premium Tyre brand

Hankook is like the leader amongst the mid ranges, and for many years, Hankook has been winning contracts to supply premium vehicles. Hankook at the moment is fitting 336 vehicle models rom 46 brands, these brand include Audi RS and Porsche, which is one of the characteristics of premium brands.

Test Results

In independent tests, Hankook has been doing excellently, placing at least in the top three spots.


In 2018, Hankook did better than Pirelli in their sales globally. So this give Hankook a three out of three. Therefore it is safe to say that Hankook tyres can be called a premium brand.

You can premium for your Toyota Camry tyres UAE or you can decide to get mid-range tyres such as Cooper, Nexen, General tires and more.


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