Honda Pilot Tyres

There are not many SUV from the Japanese car giant Honda. Well Pilot happens to be one of them, and also happens to be the biggest SUV in the Honda stables; it comes with three rows of seats. The Honda Pilot is a full size SUV.

Should You Use A Broader Tyre on Your Honda Pilot

There are specific Honda Pilot tires recommended by the car manufacturers, just like other car makers have recommendations for tyres that should be used with their cars.  For example the recommended Honda Pilot tyres for the 2017 Elite series are 245/50R20. However, there are always alternate tyres, some people choose to upsize their tyres, while some others choose to go for broader tyres.


Broader Tyres

These kinds of tyres are wider than your standard tyres. Whereas you have your standard narrow tyres to be about 200-215mm, broader tyres are about 225mm and above in width.

Should You Use Broader Tyres

Broader Honda Pilot tyres Dubai, do have their advantages and disadvantages, we’ll take a look at them.


Broader tyres make braking easier both on wet and dry roads. There’s more rolling resistance therefore braking distance is shorter than normal.

There’s also better handling, both when driving straight and also when taken corners, this is due to shorter braking distances.

As for speeds, broader tyres also move faster than their narrow counterparts, this is because they are shorter, larger and therefore they leave a smaller footprint.


Broader tyres have a light footprint, this can be a disadvantage is snow as they can’t cut into deep snow. Narrower tyres do this better and are able to reach the surface of the ground easily.

Broader tyres are less safe on wet days as then tend to hydroplane at lower speeds than their narrower counterparts. Therefore it is easier to lose control of your car faster with broader tyres.

Now should you broaden your Honda pilot tyres, this is a decision only you can make after looking at the pros and cons for the tyres. Broader tyres don’t go well with all vehicles. However SUVs, trucks, Lorries, 4×4 vehicles can use broader tyres. Sedans, however, at least most of them are not designed to use these wide tyres. Sports cars too are another set of vehicles which can use broader tyres.

Where To Get These Tyres

Dubai tyre shop caters for all of your tyre needs, therefore you can buy Honda pilot tyres at your local shop or you can purchase them online.  Some of the brands we have include Michilin, Pirelli, Nitto, Lexani, Bridgestone and others.


Broader or narrow tyres, the choice deepens on what you want from your car and of course the kind of car that you use. Armed with these information you can now decide whether to buy Honda Pilot tyres which are broader or narrower.