Honda Accord Tyres

The Accord is a very popular Honda model world over. It was introduced into the market in 1976, and since the late 80’s it has been one of the best selling cars in the United States. Honda is a made in Japan product. The Honda Accord comes in many variants including coupes, sedans and hatchbacks, with the Sedan being the most popular and the hatchback being almost none existent in most markets. The hatchback surprisingly was the debutante Honda Accord. As the years went by though and more Honda Accord models were created, different variants of same models were created for different markets, depending on the needs and the competition in that particular market.


There are many kinds of tyres available in the market. So how do you know what you’ll fit for your Honda Accord tyres? If you are looking to reduce fuel consumption, you might want to use Eco friendly Honda Accord tyres UAE.

Eco Friendly Tyres

Everyone is going green from cars to other machines. Basically the idea is to reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in running machines and in manufacturing. So this has led to electric cars and solar power appliances.

Tyres don’t emit any fossil fuel, so how do you make them green? Well that’s simple, by making them more efficient that they enable the car to conserve fuel. Well that’s what Eco friendly tyres are about. Michelin happens to be one the tyre companies in front of the green tyre evolution. Michelin has been working on eco friendly tyres for decades and as early as 1992, they had released a green tyre and ever since then they haven’t looked back.

A lot of other tyre companies such as Bridgestone, Dunlop and Continental amongst others companies have their versions of eco friendly tyres. One of the latest innovations in the green tyre technology is from Michelin. The focus here is to reduce waste by designing sustainable tyres. The latest Michelin design in green tyres is a kind of tyre which has hidden grooves.

Now these hidden grooves gradually become unveiled as the top tread degrades. Another design from this company is called the Tall and Narrow tyre, it is still in its testing phase though. The tyre is slim and has a long diameter; this tyre is light and aerodynamic, which makes it great for fuel efficiency.  According to test results this tyre is said to use just 1 liter of fuel for 100km. The tyre is being tested on a certain car brand which is still in its prototype stage.


You can buy Honda Accord tyres online, both eco friendly ones and the standard tyres. The eco friendly tyres are usually more expensive than others. Not to worry though, because at dubai tyre shop we offer free tyre fittings, free wheel balancing and 1 year warranty. Some of the brands we offer include Nexen, Kumho, Continental Tires, Michelin, Nitto and many more.