Ford Explorer Tyres

The Ford 2020 model is out and it has been redesigned for the year 2020. The car is in its sixth generation and has seen some improvement from the 2019 model. It comes with increased passenger room, rear wheel drive and more driver assistance and tech features.

The Ford Explorer is a statement SUV, an important one at that. This car was introduced into the market in 1991 and this car segment almost didn’t exist as at that time. The car enjoyed mass adoption, was very successful and then other brands decided to do same, you won’t blame them, everyone likes to try what’s working.


The Ford SUV is a family car, in its 6th generation at the moment, it has come to be a favourite of many families. This 3 row family car is rear wheel drive and also is a cross over. That is it has a unibody design like a car. This car comes with loads of safety features for you and your family, but you also have a role to play in keeping your self and your family safe.

How to Drive Safely

Make sure your tyres are in order. This means that you should inspect your tyres every now and then. Check for cuts, objects which mght have logged within the tyre and other signe of failure. Also make sure your tyre pressure is accurate.

Stay Focused

While you drive don’t multitask, such as answering calls, texting or trying to look back as you converse with other passengers.

Slow Down

Don’t drive above the speed limit, if you’re caught you might need to pay a fine. But that’s not the worse of it. The faster you drive the slower it’s going to be for you to react to a situation, and it can also worsen a crash.

Drive Defensively

That means you should always expect the unexpected. Put a safe distance between you and the drivers ahead of you by following the 2 seconds rule. However, in bad weather, keep a 4 seconds distance.

Drive with the assumption that some driving is going to act crazy, and be prepared to do something to protect yourself and your passengers.

Safety First

Put on your seat belts immediately you get into your vehicle.  Follow traffic rules, adjust all your mirrors and your seat to a comfortable position.



You tyres are important as a safety feature for your cars. So you should get quality ford explorer tyres. You can get them online at dubai tyre shop. Some of the brands at dubai tyre shop are Michelin, Bridgestone, Hankook, Pirelli, Kenda, Cooper tires and many more brands.