Ford Expedition Tyres

Ford Expedition is a full sized SUV, the first full sized SUV with a four body door. It is a product of Ford Motors and 1997 was the first time this car model was manufactured. The car is assembled in Louisville Kentucky U.S.

Best Ford Expedition Tires

So what kind of tyre would best suit your Ford Expedition Car? That’s what we’ll be talking about. This will all depend on your car year, model and of course variant. For example the 2013 Ford Expedition tyres recommended are 275/55R20. The EL King Range and the Ford Expedition EL limited variant share the same tyre. The Expedition XLT comes with either the 275/65R18 tyre or 275/55R20 tyres.

Another thing to consider when choosing Ford Expedition Tyres is the terrain you’ll be driving majorly on and your driving style. People seem to prefer using 4×4 on their SUVs, if you are amongst these people, then you’re in luck. Below are a few tips to help you in getting 4×4 tyres.

Variety of 4×4 tyres

There are myriads of 4×4 tyres in the market today. Some of the most popular ones include all-season 4×4, mud 4×4, all terrain 4×4 tyres and even 4×4 tyre for sand, rock crawling and deep snow. Now getting the one you need will depend on your car usage you know and places you drive to.


It’s bad to mix different types of tyres for your car. So if you want to use all terrain 4×4 tyres, then you should use it all round, otherwise you’d be reducing the road worthiness of your car. If you have to change your tyres it is also advisable that you change all of them, instead of just the one that has damaged.


Your car manuals are always there to guide you on what tyres to use; your car size is also available on the driver’s door of your car. If you are still having problems getting the right size then visit dubaityreshop or call our customer care representatives, we can recommend the right tyres for you. This is even more important if you’re thinking of uping the size of your Ford Expedition tyres dubai.


4×4 tyres are usually more expensive than you standard tyres; after all they are specialized tyres. They are bulkier, with custom made treading; therefore cost of shipping might be more expensive, and that is if you want to buy ford expedition tyres online.  Apart from that there’s also the price of fitting to consider. However, at dubaityreshop, fitting, wheel alignment and 1 year warranty is usually done free of charge as long as you have purchased tyres from us.


4×4 off road tyres will wear out very fast it they are used on the Tarmac, therefore you should use on road tyres for them. We have Ford Expedition tyres Shajah, all manner of them at our tyre shop and they come in several brands. We stock some of the best brands of Ford Expedition tyres UAE, such as Cooper tires, Nexen, BF Goodrich, Kumho tyre and many more.