Care for Kia Sportage Tyres

Kia Sportage is an SUV produced by Korean car company Kia. A few year back the most popular Kia cars in the African and Asian markets were the Serato and Picanto, little cars these are. However, more recently though, Sedans, and SUVs are coming into the market, and the Sportage happens to be one of them.

How To Care for Your Car Tyres

A lot depends on your car tyres, you must keep your Kia Sportage tyres in great shape, the question however, is how do you do this? There are certain steps to follow to make sure your tyres are in good shape.


Buy Quality

Tyres are only as good as their manufacturers, therefore you should buy good tyres and from reputable brands too, this will give your tyres the opportunity to last longer. This is because a lot of thoughts and testing has gone into making these tyres.

Inspect Your Tyres Constantly

You should manually inspect your tyres for signs of failure, wear, slashes and the likes. It’s great detecting a fault before it spoils your journey. Check your tyres pressure at least once a month, make sure this is done in the morning, when the temperature is still low. If the pressure has gone below recommended, it should be topped up.

Drive Carefully

Driving roughly has a lot more negative effects on tyres than we sometime realise. Especially how one accelerates and brakes, these things should be done evenly, and gently, giving the car room, enough room to carry out these manoeuvres.

Make Sure Your Tyres are Properly Aligned

Balancing and aligning your wheels is not only good for your car, but it is also good for your tyres. When your wheels are not properly aligned it causes the tyres to wear out unevenly and then this will even result in you having to change your tyres quickly than you should.

Rotate Your Tyres

The tyres at the front of the car do the most work, and therefore they experience the most wear. However to ensure that your tyres last as long as possible then it is essential that they all wear evenly. The only way to do this is to rotate them from time to time. Say like after 10,000km. The front tyres should be moved to the front and the front tyres moved to the back. There are some cars though, which the front and back tyres use different sizes, this would not work then.


Tyres are very important to cars, and a dubai tyre shop we know this and work accordingly. This means buying from us you get the best Kia Sportage tyres UAE and at the best prices too.